cutie tattooties brings temp tats to toys

by mari

Temporary Tattoos stuffed toys - Tattly Cutie Pattootie and North American Bear


Temp tats. Oh yeah, I’m into them. Hardcore. I like my ink impermanent, to match my whims and the random nature of my 5 year old. I collect them like candy.

Our favorites have always been Tattly – they last longer than the Hello Kitty crud from the dollar aisle, and the designs are just so hipster cool that I feel better just for wearing one. And when you’re a stay at home mom, you need all the cool you can get. Now, our toys can get on the action too. Tattly has partnered with North American Bear to create Cutie Tattootie: Stuffed toys with temporary tattoos. A bunny, girl, DJ, and Shark are ready for your kids’ wildest ink customization, coming with 12 tattoos cutomized for each personality. The temp tats machine wash off the toys, and you can get more tats via Tattly whenever you’d like. Of course, I might end up just wearing all those tats myself.

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