round about: abstraction & the time to hustle

by mari

This week's top links online include: kids wire crafts, hustle desktop wallpaper, duct tape diy, gold quotes, abstract art, top kids books 2014

School starts next week, and my little baby will officially be a big kid attending Kindergarten. In so many ways I am so not ready. But the universe has decided to throw me a couple of curve balls that are ensuring that I will find a way to be ready. As one opportunity ends, a new one must be found. So I need those full school days to take the next steps on my own strange path. The blog will continue of course, but there are some tingling ideas and floating thoughts that are about to become grounded. At least, I hope so. They always say when you’re a little scared that you must be doing something right. If I put this all in writing then maybe I’ll actually do something about it! Hold my hand friends!

Meanwhile, round about the internet this week:

  • Lets make some right now! via Craft.
  • Apparently this is the desktop wallpaper I need. via Design Love Fest.
  • Mer Mag has my designer’s heart in her hands. via Julep.
  • Everything’s golden. No really. via Project Nursery.
  • Still, I just want to be a painter. via Design Milk.
  • I spy several new award winning books we’ll need. via Kid Style File.


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