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by mari

Pony Pillow for Kids Rooms

Keeping Birdie from melting down is feeling like a full-time job this summer. Between the lack of routine, warm weather, and random summer indulgences (like popsicles and a trip to the fair), she’s begun to think every day is a big fat adventure waiting to happen. Throw in the fact that she could probably still use a nap 3-4 days a week, and her whining and demands when that big adventure doesn’t appear on a daily basis have blown up into epic proportions. What’s wrong with just playing in the backyard? Apparently everything.


Maybe I could convince her to take a much-needed nap or ten with some of these adorable pillows imported from England. Pom pom edging and removable inserts make them extra cute and fairly practical. So she could drool on them all afternoon and we’d still be a-ok. Seriously, I’d buy her all three if it meant a peaceful afternoon at this point.

Pony Cushion | Pink Deer Cushion | Diamond Deer Cushion


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