want some dolls with your coffee?

by mari

Dollhouse coffee table - handmade on Etsy

Coffee tables can be anything from boring, too big, too small, painful corners, great storage, running all the way to unusual. But for families, coffee tables become even more: game time, train table, Lego central, movie night meals, etc. etc. But I’d never considered using one as a dollhouse before.


Designed by Ulyanov Architects, this beauty of a dollhouse is not only modern, colorful, and perfect for playtime. It doubles as a hard-working work surface! Though it could be a coffee table, I like seeing it with a kid-sized chair in a playroom. But since our house has no playroom, and we have a dollhouse sitting in the corner of our living room already, I can see replacing ours and uprading to a coffee table version. At least when she’s not using it I could set my tea and toast on it in the mornings!


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