round about: professor astro & tummyticklers

by mari

This week's links include paper art, vintage 50's photos, emerald walls, internet pin, children's books, and Roald Dahl.

I’ve been working in two worlds all week. On the one side it’s business as usual: blog projects, freelance work, Pinterest obsessions. On the other side is a completely new venture that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m fiddling with a new logo, researching website “stuff”, filling a secret Pinterest board with tons of inspiration, color palettes, and ideas that make my stomach flip. It’s uber exciting! I wish I had the time to make it as big and wonderful as I know it can be, but I’m starting with baby steps. If it can turn out as well as it all feels in my head, it’s going to be grand regardless of it’s starting size. By saying all of this out loud, maybe it it will actually happen, and in the next two weeks you’ll see a new side of Small for Big.

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

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