round about: duck shrubbery & mod paper bags

by mari

Top links online this week include: lego treehouse diy, abstract paintings, paper boats diy, wood chore chart, diy lunchbags, and duck topiary.

Well, folks, Birdie made it through the first week of school. In one piece, without any major tantrums, or forgotten lunches. And it sounds like she only ran around trying to kiss the boys twice. I guess that’s an acceptable amount in her eyes, but I’m not sure the boys would agree. I feel like I got lots of little things accomplished too – including submitting our first non-resident application for a coveted local public school – which is all a lottery anyway. Can you believe they take apps an entire year early?! I have so much more school research to do and so much to learn about all of it. How was your first week of “Fall”?

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • I’d like to spend a weekend away right here. via Made by Joel.
  • Bright cheery colors could keep summer with me all through the year. via Miss Moss.
  • Need a folding refresher? This is the one. via Small Fry.
  • Anything that helps get the jobs done, I’ll try. via Hello, Wonderful.
  • Why don’t all paper lunch bags look like this? via Sugar & Cloth.
  • Yep, my Birdie would love this in the backyard, how about your kidlets? via Honestly, WTF.

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