dollhouses for your holiday lists

by mari

3 Star Studio Laser Cut Wood Dollhouses - Handmade Dollhouses - Modern Dollhouses | Small for Big

Giving a dollhouse at Christmas time is one of those perfect presents for the right little girl. I think my Birdie could happily get a new dollhouse for every gift-giving occasion and devote an entire room to them – I’d almost let her if we lived in some crumbling old mansion. Wouldn’t that be kind of amazing? And yes, about as crazy as the cat lady cliche or the doll lady cliche. But still, dollhouses are a wonder.

3 Star Studio laser cut wood dollhouse

Take these dollhouses from 3 Star Studio. Each one fits a different size doll furniture (these things come in different scales, you know), and they’re all laser cut sustainably sourced Baltic Birch Plywood or Walnut, and require just a little assembly when you receive them – they ship flat packed. But that makes for very reasonably priced one-of-a-kind dollhouses, and another perfect Christmas memory building a dollhouse with your little. I’m just itching to buy one of these – and since they also make mini versions for a mere $25, that may actually happen.

3 Star Studio laser cut wood dollhouse 3 Star Studio laser cut wood dollhouse

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