new kid o for your kiddos!

by mari

Kid O Toys - Modern Baby Toys - Cool Toys for Kids | Small for Big

There are toy companies, and then are there are Toy Companies. Kid O is in the latter category – full of whimsy, modern details, and the all important play value for each and every toy. I love seeing what they come up with!


Their latest products for 2015 are no exception. Whether it’s the musical instruments, or the new stackers, or the dishes, or the click and pop links, it’s all good. Damn good. The kind of good that’s so good I want to buy one of each just to play with them, then give to the first baby I can think of good. I’m including a couple of my favorites here, but head over to Kid O’s website to see the full spectrum of goodness!

Click__Pop_Links_Main_Grey_Bkgd_Hi_Res2-710-0x0x5745x3840 Pour__Spin_Submarine_Main_Grey_Bkgd_Hi_Res-710-0x0x5745x3840 Pull__Hop_Bunny_Grey_Bkgd_Hi_Res2-710-443x458x4698x3137



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