the humblest of toys can be the prettiest

by mari

Humble Toys - Handmade Dolls on Etsy - Dolls with Personality | Small for Big

My virtual collection of Toys-I-Wish-I-Owned is growing again. I really really pretty please with a cherry on top want a couple of these sweeties from Humble Toys!


Each doll is unique, partly because of the fabrics chosen, but partly because of how they’re made. Arwen Sutherland, the creator behind Humble Toys, intentionally decides they won’t be perfect, and considers each doll a way for her to play with her creativity. The result, it appears, is that each doll has a very distinctive personality – almost like a portrait of a fictional character that came into being as she was sewn. Now that’s a fun way to make things.

humbletoysdetail2 humbletoysdetail humbletoys-mermaid2up humbletoys-bearded

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