round about: little baby nests & rubber ferris wheels

by mari

This week's top links include: city erasers, 4th of July Crafts, modern bassinet, berry basket DIY, gem diy's, cleaning house.

I think the problem with being a grown up in the summer is that you really just want to be a kid again. No responsibilities, no schedule, no clocks. Nothing to stop you until twilight. That’s got to be the reason why, every summer, I find myself wishing I could just stop working until September. Granted, I might not play 7 Steps Around the House and ride my bike all day, but I sure would like to play hookie from my life for a bit, maybe even read a book, or swim in a lake. Somehow I just can’t find the time for any of those things right now! How about you? How do you manage your summer schedule?

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