make it: handknit wool roving cushions

by mari

Handknit Seat Pad - Felted Wool Seat Pad - Wool Chair Cushions | Small for Big

Birdie and I were knitting yesterday, and boy did it feel good to knit side by side! I’ve taught her the basic knit stitch a couple of different times over the past year or two, but I wasn’t sure it really sunk in. Well today, she was on a roll, doing it all by herself with just a few helps from me when she’d drop a stitch, etc. It’s amazing to see those little 6 year old hands working so diligently at something that took me weeks to figure out myself – as an adult!

handknit seat pad felted wool chair cushion

I hope it holds her interest – sometimes that 6 yo attention span is the size of an ant. But regardless, she’s taken pride in the work she’s finished so far, and that’s still a wonderful thing. Makes me wonder how little hands would do with a big knitting project like this amazingly simple seat pad from Lebenslustiger. You could knit up an entire set of these in afternoon! or, make a bigger one into a rug to sit in front of your kiddo’s beds? I’d love something that warm and cozy on my toes in the morning. Besides, I love the process of felting knitted items – watching them meld together during the process of felting is somehow very satisfying.

handknit seat pad felted wool chair cushion


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