round about: kindness elves & snowflake runners

by mari

This week's top links include contemporary christmas trees, DIY snowflake table runner, Natural present wrapping, kindness elves, DIY upcycled dollhouse, and Holiday cookie roundup.

This week, I have but one goal: get all the important things done so that I can take a vacation. As a freelance designer and blogger, it hit me the other day that I never take one, ever! So that’s it, my master plan this Christmas is to give myself a gift that only I can: the gift of time. If all goes well, I should have all major work done or off my plate for the entire second half of December. I plan to knit, read books, meditate, play the piano, and just focus on the small stuff. Oh, and I suppose I’ll celebrate Christmas with my family! But just looking forward to a time without commitments has me in a much cheerier mood already. So I have to ask, what can you stop until the New Year? Can you put some of the noise of life on pause and slow down for the Holidays? I really think it will do wonders for all of us!

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • The essentials of a tree. via NotCot
  • I found some awesome snowflake DIYs, see them in my post for Handmade Charlotte.
  • I wish my Christmas looked like this. via Say Yes
  • I like the message of these so much better than that elf on the shelf! via Hello, Wonderful
  • Remaking a dollhouse into something awesome. via We Are Scout
  • If I didn’t have my silly food allergies, this list would be my fave. via Design Crush

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