5 rugs that make your kids go wow!

by mari

5 Kids Rugs with Wow Factor - Bear Rug for Kids - Sheepskin Rug for Kids | Small for Big

Kids and floors. They go together like chocolate and peanut butter, there’s no way around it.

The trick, it seems, is to find rugs worthy of your kiddo’s cool factor. It can’t be any old striped affair! No, it has to have some wit, some whimsy, and a little extra flair. Let’s get playful and put an animal on the floor – maybe one of these fun finds. Which one has your kiddo’s name on it?

(Up above) Wild Things Bath Mat
So yes, this would be awesome in the kids’ bathroom, but I think it would be just as cozy and fun in front of the bed, the reading chair, or pulled out into the living room for movie nights!

5 kids rugs that will make you go wow!

My Own Little Indian Bear Rug
This guy is simply adorable, and he’s handmade by a group of women called the Kenian Knitter Critters! These women utilise knitting skills to support their families in a developing economy where the basic necessities of life are difficult to obtain.

5 kids rugs that will make you go wow!

Harlie and Co Tiger Playmat
This handsome guy has become a modern classic among Pinterest and Etsy lovers. His face has even graced products at Anthropologie, but of course we don’t care about that, right? We just love his sweet expression and his affordability.

5 kids rugs that will make you go wow!Gray Cloud Faux Fur Rug
Adorable. Especially in a set of, well, several, scattered across the floor! Now, if you’re on a strict budget, you can do what I did for a birthday party – buy a bunch of cheap white bath mats, then cut them into cloud shapes – they were awesome.

5 kids rugs that will make you go wow!

Jonathan Adler Lion Rug
Feeling luxurious? Grab an iconic item by an iconic designer. Yeah, he’s expensive, but dang he’s awfully cute, am I right?!

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