ceramic sippy cup?

by mari

Modern Sippy Cups - Ceramic Cups for Kids - Modern Dishware | Small for Big

Plastic sippy cups. Necessary evil, bane of our existence, or thing of the past?

One of the most annoying accessories of young kids are those dang sippy cups! Now, I know, ceramic anything is not high on a mom’s list of must-haves when leaving the house with a kiddo. But at home, at mealtime, maybe we could try one of these gorgeous ceramic Lace Cups and see what happens? Not for the babies, of course, but once they’re 3 or 4? Think about it like Montessori school, where they use real cups and plates, and learn to respect them. I’d be willing to give it a go, I can tell you that.

modern cups for kids - ceramic lace cups

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