make bathtime the bomb

by mari

Little Feather Company Bath Bombs - Handmade Bath Toys - How To Get Kids in the Bath | Small for Big

Does anyone else have kids who really don’t want to take a bath? It’s like it’s taking precious time away from their all-day playtime!Little Feather Company - Handmade Bath Bombs - Bath Toys for Kids

Birdie is one of those kids. Bath time can be a battleground of “Not right now” and “I’ll do it after x,y, and z!”. But guess what, I’ve found a secret weapon: bath bombs. She loves the bubbles and fizz, holding them in her hands to feel them tickling. She loves the ones that turn the water all kinds of colors – especially when the color is a surprise! And I love how good she smells when she gets out of the tub. The only drawback has been the cost, because the ones we’ve been using were around five bucks a pop.

But now, ladies and gents, I have found affordable, colorful bath bombs. Enter Little Feather Company. Their bath bombs come in three sizes – with the smallest starting at $1.75 each! There are brilliantly bright colors which the kids will love, they come with names like Stardust and Mermaid Lagoon, and some of them even have a dash of glitter. So let’s bring on bath time and get clean!

Little Feather Company - Handmade Bath Bombs - Bath Toys for Kids

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1 Leslie December 20, 2018 at 10:11 pm

I ordered from you on etsy and never got my items. WHY? WIll i receive a refund?


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