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by mari

Little Miss Tippy Toes Dolls - Handmade Dolls - Heirloom Dolls for Kids | Small for Big

An interesting thing is happening over on Instagram. Have you noticed? Small handmade businesses are selling out so fast that practically the only way to find their goods is to keep up to date through their Instagram Feed.

Little MIss Tippy Toes Handmade Heirloom quality dolls

Little Miss Tippy Toes is a great example. She makes these gorgeous handmade dolls, with superb attention to detail and construction, and they are in such hot demand that her Etsy shop always appears empty. But, on her Insta feed she keeps all of her fans up to date on the latest release – right down to the time of day, and how many dolls will be available. It’s amazing how this increases the “it” factor of her items, don’t you think? From her feed it sounds like she has followers that have been waiting for a doll for a long time. But don’t let that deter you, start following Little Miss Tippy Toes on Instagram, turn on her post notifications, and get ready!

Little MIss Tippy Toes Handmade Heirloom quality dolls

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