round about:
birthday fringe, tassels, & feathers

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What’s kept me busy this week? I know I know, if you’re not a blogger, or if you’re a blogger who isn’t going to Alt Summit, the last thing you want to hear about from me is more about Alt Summit. But wow, folks, I’m obsessed over here! There are all these little – and […]

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guest who?
esther from buy modern baby

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Esther is one of my oldest blogging friends – and one of the only ones I’ve actually met in person as well! We have a very similar aesthetic, but she is clearly the decor guru, while I slide more towards playthings. Make sure to stop by Buy Modern Baby to see a slew of decorating ideas […]

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guest who?
PJ visits from bunny & dolly

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It’s going to be a fabulous week of Guest Posting Goodness here at Small for Big, I’m taking a little break to … well, frankly, to clean the house. It’s my way to ring in the New Year: getting organized, prepped and spiffy for an amazing 2013. I’m hoping to find some time to finish […]

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great goodness giveaway: serena & lily (closed)

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I don’t know about you, but at our house it’s definitely feeling like winter. That’s partially thanks to the 14 inches of snow that fell from the sky yesterday! Finally it feels like the holidays outside as well as inside. The only downside to winter? That niggling sense of claustrophia that makes me want to […]

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great goodness giveaway: Pop & Lolli

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – so let’s share some good cheer and do a few Great Goodness Giveaways! This week I’ve got a stellar chance to win some amazing wall decals from Pop & Lolli. I’ve been a fan for years, because these graphics are bar-none some of the most creative […]

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update that wall without the paint

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You may have heard of these things that you stick to the wall in your kids’ rooms. Many use them for a little dash of decoration, color, and character without getting any paint on you or the kids. Wall graphics: they’re everywhere! In the beginning I thought nursery graphics might be a fad, I thought […]

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booooooo …. ooooo …. ooo

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Happy Halloween everyone! I dont know about you, but I’m busy doing last minute creepy ooey booey things today, so I’ll leave you with this lovely Halloween Montage, $13 from Bandito Design Co. and get back to the ghoulie ghostie bits! Found via Grain Edit.

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diy: spider web garland

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Apparently I’m obsessed with spider webs this year – all of my Halloween DIY ideas revolve around them! This easy cotton twine garland is my latest pride and joy – I wanted something that looked natural and modern at the same time. It’s hard to find ways to decorate for the season without resorting to […]

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rest your weary heads with me

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Everywhere I turn I’m seeing the most fabulous playful pillows. It’s like they’re calling to me – redecorate! Change it up! It’s time for Birdie’s room to get an overhaul! Well, the last part is true, at least from an organizational standpoint, her room is pure chaos right now. Regardless, I thought I’d round up […]

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worth 1000 words: restoration elephant

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Sometimes it’s the sheer scale of a thing that makes it worth 1000 words. Or maybe it’s the price tag ($399). In this case it’s most likely both. Visit this wool felt elephant and his friend the regal giraffe at Restoration Hardware.

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worth 1000 words: plaid oranges

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I just spied these photographs on’s Kids Wednesday sale, and could actually spout 100o words about them, easily. Every day pics of kids turn wonderful when Aaron Stewart adds the hidden monsters they’ve always known were there. The 11 x 20 Plaid Oranges prints will be available on Fab at 50% off through Sept. […]

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pop up right off your walls

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Djeco’s illustrations are some of the coolest in the toy industry, and now there appears to be a new category for their irreverant style: Pop Up Wall Art. Bring a little 3-dmensionality to your kids walls by adding one of these fun art pieces to the mix. I think they’d be great thrown into a […]

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worth 1000 words: owls in outfits

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If the illustration itself didn’t get me, the title – Owls Wearing Outfits – would have. See lots and lots more illustration from Iota Illustration’s Shop on Etsy.

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alphabet bookcases:
let’s reinforce the typographic point

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One of the latest additions to the Flash Sale website cannon, Touch of Modern has a singular focus on clean modern design. Today’s sale features a particularly cool score for kid’s rooms: Saporiti’s Alphabet Bookcases. These modular letter cubes subtly spell out whatever word you’re craving – your child’s name, “abc”, or even something more […]

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sometimes we’re all winners

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I’m trying to help Birdie understand that it’s ok if I win, or if we both win, or if no one wins! But, then I see these amazing brooches from Cookie Cutter and think I need to give one to every single person I know. It’s important to show how much we appreciate people too. […]

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