honestly the most honest company

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Keeping myself and my family healthy is a major part of my life. Over the last several years I’ve become very aware of the ingredients in the food we eat, the toys we buy, and the products we use in our household. That’s one of the reasons why today – instead of toys or design […]

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experiencing something new

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Back in the day, many moons ago, I used to be what I like to all “Cross-Platform”. I could handle both PC’s and Macs, and was proud of the fact that I had no allegiances. My first job in the big bad world was at a sign shop (the name of it is just too […]

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because kids love to crumple things … like maps

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In a scant two weeks I’m getting on a plane and flying to Salt Lake City, UT, to attend the Altitude Design Summit. I am beyond excited! But I’m still debating how to tell my daughter I’ll be gone for four long days. She’s been pretty attached at the hip lately, and I know it’s going […]

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guest who?
esther from buy modern baby

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Esther is one of my oldest blogging friends – and one of the only ones I’ve actually met in person as well! We have a very similar aesthetic, but she is clearly the decor guru, while I slide more towards playthings. Make sure to stop by Buy Modern Baby to see a slew of decorating ideas […]

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guest who?
PJ visits from bunny & dolly

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It’s going to be a fabulous week of Guest Posting Goodness here at Small for Big, I’m taking a little break to … well, frankly, to clean the house. It’s my way to ring in the New Year: getting organized, prepped and spiffy for an amazing 2013. I’m hoping to find some time to finish […]

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putting the mobile mojo in mobiles

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Travel-sized musical mobiles have always been the ugly cousin, at least the majority of them. While it’s possible to find some stunning beauties in the ceiling-hung variety of nursery mobiles, somehow travel-sized models are always lacking. Like, severely. So Ferm Living’s Music Mobiles are , heh, music to my ears! And to my eyes, because […]

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worth 1000 words: field candy

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Ok, we’re headed straight for winter, and yet all I can think about is a summer field and one of these tents from Field Candy. Amazing, no?

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chevrons + babies = awesome

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Oh lovely squishable huggable soft sweet-smelling babies. I was talking babies all afternoon on a playdate yesterday with a couple of expecting moms, and now I’m itching to squeeze one more than usual!  Add some pieces from Little Hip Squeaks and I think any baby would be absolutely impossible to resist. Chevrons are having a […]

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back(packs) to school

back to school backpacks for kids tweens and teens

Kids Storage & Shelving Girls’ Bags   It’s the Labord Holiday here in the states, so Happy Labor Day! In honor of fresh starts and new school years everywhere, I thought I’d try out an interactive image of my favorite backpacks from Click your favorite pack above to be whisked away to the page […]

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shiny new notebooks – my top faves

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There are lots and lots of wonderful things about fall. But one of my favorites has got to be the plethora of new notebooks that are available. Or, perhaps more importantly, the ready excuses I can find to buy said notebooks! Even though Birdie is in preschool – and has no immediate need for notebooks […]

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worth 1000 words: little red riding hood

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Look at the lascivious glare on that wolf, poor little Red better watch out. Pistacchi Design’s nesting Matroyska dolls are also a concept design in stacking/nesting food containers – each base is also a bowl.

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bounce it on the floor: brinware

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There’s something so gorgeous about Brinware’s photography that I keep salivating. So, first of all, thank you Mr/s. Product Photographer for creating such awesome product shots! But Brinware is, in and of itself, pretty fascinating. These kid-friendly dishes are made of glass – but it’s tempered glass. So it’s about as sturdy as you can […]

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Swoop Bags:
swoop up every kid-made toy mess

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Toys. Messes. They kind of go hand in hand. When you’re in the glittering toy store dreaming of your kidlet’s countless happy hours playing contentedly and lovingly with all those beautiful toys, one forgets the harsher reality: toys everywhere and underfoot, literally! I’ve had my eye on Swoop Bags for awhile actually, they’re such an […]

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leggo my trigo!

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Did you see our advent calendar this year? Aside from the activities and some handmade things from me, my favorite advent gift for Birdie was one of these recycled pouches ($9 – $15) from a local fave: Trigo. Awesome, right? Recycled bicycle tires, cute little stamped images, and that perfect red tongue! (and by the […]

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luv their pudge: Puj Baby

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I’d planned on writing about Puj Baby months ago. Months and months ago. In the world of blogging, that can seem like a lifetime. Still, there are outstanding design examples that heartily deserve to be revisited and adored. So I’m going for it anyway. Particularly because this baby bathtub is one of my if-we-have-another-one-must-haves, which […]

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