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20 out of the box baby shower gifts

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What do you buy everyday? It can vary so much, right? Some days it’s all sweet baby shower gifts and the perfect shade of nail polish. Other days it’s just toilet paper and toothpicks. These baby shower gifts are all inspired by the new Amex EveryDay Credit Card, a no-annual fee credit card, rewarding Card Members […]

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can you say vroooooom?

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There is something so seductive about a good car. Give me the old school, curvaceous, corner-hugging, low-slung race cars of the ages. Iconic, that’s the word I’m looking for! These Playforever Racing Cars have all those boxes checked off and then some. As they tell it: “Playforever Toys have been engineered to last. Manufactured from […]

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the green tones of music

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There is a beautiful-to-look-at and beautifully-made new line of wooden toys for kids: Green Tones toys are sustainably made, child development focused, and so sweet to look at too! Musical instrument toys for the pre-k set can be pretty bland, but these have both the great design cues we love, and the real-life musical functionality […]

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iimo trikes for your tots

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I’m such a sap when it comes to tricycles, I can still remember the big red trike when I was little, it’s one of those things you never forget. Even though I have a feeling I didn’t ride it all that much, it’s one of those still images from early childhood that’s burned forever into […]

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floating like a bath toy

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Birdie is deep into her summer swim lessons, and I just love watching her float around in the pool like a little fish. Watching your children learn and grow is a truly amazing process.   Her teachers are always telling her to practice her swim moves in the bathtub at home. But, as I’m sure you […]

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whoa, it’s the whoa-bots

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It is a rare thing for me to let a product description speak for itself. I almost never quote from someone else’s website verbatim. But these Whoa-bots deserve their original bio: “Aside from just being a bunch of goof balls, WHOA-BOTS™ pride themselves on their mesmerizing acrobatic feats, ceaseless wit, and impeccable taste in music.  […]

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they send mail to toys

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We’re fortunate that we don’t spend a lot of time away from each other in my small little family of 3. But every time I travel, or my husband travels, I feel that burden of losing touch with Birdie. Plus, her grandparents and extended family are too far for daily contact. Imagine if you could […]

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these cars are better than yours

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Sometimes, the simpler the toy, the better. After all, the running joke among parents everywhere is to just give them a cardboard box! Sometimes I agree, but sometimes I want to add some inspiration to their lives. I have a feeling Nickster Toys would agree with me. Or I agree with them, or something like […]

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add a little sugar to your dolls

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It’s okay little darlings, I don’t mind if you have to travel all the way from Poland, or that I have to use Google translate to figure out how to make you mine. You’re totally worth it, with your beautiful fabric hair, your dress up clothing and accessories, and sweetly sad expressions. I’d even purchase a […]

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see the forest with the trees

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For those of us who love the wonder and possibilities of playing of blocks, I’ve found the perfect set of trees to go with your fantastical structures. I don’t think it matters if you build a fairy castle, the Taj Mahal, or the local fire station – a building looks more at home if it […]

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snuggly but definitely not ugly

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Snuggly Ugly’s super soft dolls are clearly much more snuggly than they are ugly. Upcycled dresses, soft cashmere hair, and not a hard edged button or nubby nose in sight. These limited editions beauties are ready for some luvs – which one do we hug first?

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the 10 best bunnies for your Easter

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When I’m designing a new toy, I often start with a bunny first. There’s something about rabbits that appeal to everyone – and their basic shape is always familiar as long as it includes some tall pointy ears. That makes them the perfect animal for almost any stuffed toy idea. S0, all in all, stuffed […]

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do you need unique baby toys?

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Whenever I need a dose of pretty for kids, I know I can count on My Sweet Muffin. For instance, she’s stocked up on some adorable new toys by Moulin Roty. I always love Moulin Roty’s peculiar sensibilities – the new line includes donkeys, and a cabbage activity toy. Isn’t that awesome? Because aren’t we […]

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your baby wants these toys – and so do you

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There are baby toys, and then there are Baby Toys. There are the ones that will be heirlooms, the ones that your baby will love forever but you will always hate, and the expensive ones that no one ever played with. Then there will be Kid-O baby toys. These little wonders are everything. Affordable, well-designed, […]

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this is the next doll we need!

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Dolls everywhere! That could be my motto. You know the dreaded cat ladies with 10 cats? I think if I was a single lady approaching 40, I would be that lady but with dolls. I think that might be creepier. Ah well, we are what we are! Today I thought I’d reintroduce all of us […]

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