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everyone needs a cat family – except me

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I have just been informed by a very adamant 4 3/4 years old little girl named Birdie that her favorite stuffed animal of all time, Moe the Kitty, is in desperate need of a mother and father. She’s always wanted a cat family. And, though she didn’t say it, the reason she doesn’t have a […]

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grande yet petit collage

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We just returned from a fantastic parent-teacher conference, and I’m all smiles and giggles to see how far my little girl has come since her first day of Montessori school. How did I become the parent of an almost 5 year old? She’s come so far, in fact, that most of these amazing new toys from […]

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wood ‘n click ‘n play

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Look at the awesome colors of these Click ‘N Play toys. Gorgeous wood tones, a little bit of neon, and some extreme posability make them the coolest wooden toys around. I found them on Zulily, and if you hurry, you can still find some of them there – the sale ends in 2 days. But […]

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making play your way

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Kids play best – or, they play with the best results from our point of view – when the things they’re playing with are as open-ended as possible. Don’t spoon feed them the story, the images, or the specifics of the toy or game they’re working with, instead we need to give them a chance […]

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one little red fox is actually kind of big

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A little shop with a lot of designerly muscle, that’s what I like. I’ve loved One Little Red Fox’s spectacled plush toys for a long time now – I really want one for my shelf – and it appears they’ve reeled me in again. Now they’re creating anthropomorphized pouches. Adorable ones. I’m not sure if […]

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I love moonlight

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It’s true, I really do love moonlight. But I Love Moonlight is also the name of a sweet shop full of sweeter animals. I’m guessing they all love moonlight, but some of them look like they might be a little scared of the dark. I have a soft spot for stuffed toys that look a […]

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what shall we play today?

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That’s what Collette Bream asks across the top of her Etsy shop, and it sums things up perfectly. I know around this house that question is asked many. many. many. times during the day. Her shop doesn’t give any kind of straightforward answer either. Instead, it feels like I’ve stepped into a perfectly curated little […]

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have a little watermelon cat

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Wood plus whimsy plus the Netherlands plus a super silly fabulous name? That’s Watermelon Cat. There is a timeless quality to the designs that makes them feel decidely mid-century, in all of the best possible ways. I’m a big fan of any toy that doesn’t dumb it down for kids, and these toys are cool […]

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grow your own hideaway

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Where the heck is Spring?! I’m getting desperate over here, and it sounds like much of the Northern half of the US is feeling the same way: cold. It has me double-duty daydreaming of plants in an almost obsessive way. I caught myself huffing the dirt of one of my houseplants the other day. Honestly, […]

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best bunnies for spring

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I suppose I’ll have to stop eventually, but I love giving Birdie a stuffed bunny as part of her Easter festivities. But I’m a toy lover! Give me any excuse and I will exploit it to find the perfect stuffed animal to fix the situation. I suppose if I don’t stop, we’ll be overrun with […]

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toys built for wandering

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It’s fitting that a toy brand called The Wandering Workshop has several toys that are ideally suited to wandering. These toys, made in Greece, are a beautiful example of what a small shop devoted to child-safe, imagination-friendly toys can do. I think the designs speak for themselves: the rich colors, the natural wood, the attention […]

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making new (stuffed) friends

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Have I really not talked about Kase-Faz before? It looks like that’s the case. I even pinned Maria’s amazing dolls on Pinterest. Well. I guess it’s high time we remedied this situation, isn’t it? Kase-Faz dolls are handmade with the most adorable features. I’m partial to the hooded woolen capelets, and the pig tails that defy […]

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move-in ready home (for the dolls)

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Oooh boy people. My Mondays and Tuesdays are long days right now. My husband teaches both nights (after working all day), giving me some extra er, quality time, with Birdie. Which means that when I’m writing your Wednesday post the night before – Tuesday night – I’m a little extra brain dead. Let’s see if […]

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putting the mobile mojo in mobiles

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Travel-sized musical mobiles have always been the ugly cousin, at least the majority of them. While it’s possible to find some stunning beauties in the ceiling-hung variety of nursery mobiles, somehow travel-sized models are always lacking. Like, severely. So Ferm Living’s Music Mobiles are , heh, music to my ears! And to my eyes, because […]

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best collection of exclusive dolls and plush like, ever

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I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Gobsmacked by awesomeness. I sat down for a casual flip through Land of Nod’s new holiday catalog and started hyperventilating. I mean, I always love their holiday collections, but this year they’ve got the best plush I’ve ever seen all gathered in one place. There are the obviously […]

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