spring in your steps

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I’ve been splurging on lots of new dresses for Birdie these last couple of weeks. I think it’s my only way to deal with the overwhelming longing for Spring that has plagued me for all of the month of March. The plague is made worse by temperatures that are consistently hovering in the range of […]

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these books will make your clothes amazing

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Need an inexpensive, DIY, and totally FUN way to update and personalize your kiddo’s wardrobe this spring (and yours too!)? I didn’t realize how many cool iron-on options there were, but thanks to Chronicle Books, I think every possible fashion dilemna you might have could be solved with Suzie, Julia Rothmann, Mike Perry, and Gamago. […]

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minima to the maxima

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Little girls can have their fashionista moments. Unfortunately they may not gel with our own ideas of fashion! Birdie’s favorites currently tend to revolve around “princess twirly” dresses and a dash of sparkle I don’t mind encouraging some self-confidence in what she’s wearing and how she feels about it, luckily we’re finding some happy compromises. […]

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DIY: birdie’s wire flower princess crown

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She’s hitting her Princess phase. Oh dear, I’ve been dreading this! But so far, I’ll admit it’s been fairly manageable. She may love princesses and the color pink, but this weekend we spent a significant amount of playtime making Lego airplanes and playing with her new Hot Wheels race track (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!). So […]

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guest who?
Celina from petit à petit & family

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I’m so excited to share this amazing tutorial with you today! Celina, from the gorgeous Petit à Petit and Family blog, has generously agreed to share this massive and very very awesome necklace DIY for your kids. She’s done it all – from kool-aid dying the pom pom yarn, to making the beads, to the amazing […]

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great goodness giveaway: li li picked (closed)

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Ah, the holidays. Tis the season to be merry and bright and a little bit broke. Well, today’s giveaway might help with all of that. Li Li Picked is my secret weapon for finding good deals on a couple of my favorite brands – including Wobaby Basics, Kate Quinn Organics, and Tegu blocks, to name […]

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flap these right into your dress-up box!

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I found these winged wonders a little bit late for your Halloween plans, but I just had to share Big Bird’s Boutique’s amazing dress-up wings with you right away. I’m guessing they’re inspired by an amazing set of handmade wings I remember seeing around the web a year ago or more, but the beauty of […]

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imaginations flying to such great heights

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These images are so amazing I hardly want to say a thing. So, I will say simply this. Such Great Heights makes gorgeous year-round dress-up capes that will keep your Halloween costume alive and well far beyond the holiday. I think that covers that. Oh, and Such Great Heights also makes some truly amazing play tents […]

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chevrons + babies = awesome

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Oh lovely squishable huggable soft sweet-smelling babies. I was talking babies all afternoon on a playdate yesterday with a couple of expecting moms, and now I’m itching to squeeze one more than usual!  Add some pieces from Little Hip Squeaks and I think any baby would be absolutely impossible to resist. Chevrons are having a […]

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channel the lovable furry friend inside you

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It has arrived. I think Birdie’s life has changed forever. Did you know bunnies have claws and say “roar” with a big fat grin? Well, when she dons this hood, they do. Did you know a cozy furry hood can make a kid giggle like crazy? Oh yes. I’ve always liked the look of the […]

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next up for fall: next direct

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Looking for a different – yet affordable – shop to find some fall clothes for your kiddos? I always am. Once again, the sleeper favorite at my house is Next Direct. Based in the UK, they’ll give you a different approach to all the clothes you’ll need. At least, it feels fresh to us, being […]

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back(packs) to school

back to school backpacks for kids tweens and teens

Kids Storage & Shelving Girls’ Bags   It’s the Labord Holiday here in the states, so Happy Labor Day! In honor of fresh starts and new school years everywhere, I thought I’d try out an interactive image of my favorite backpacks from Shopstyle.com. Click your favorite pack above to be whisked away to the page […]

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rainbow of (nail) colors

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Who doesn’t have fond memories of the smell, feel, and color of a 64 box of Crayola crayons? I just lurve seeing the same bright pops of color in these adorable little retro-esque Crayola Nail Polish bottles. It took a little digging to see if they were actually safe for kids, however. Age graded 8+, […]

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fall preview: cabbages & kings

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There’s always that turning point in summer. A day where suddenly in the extra heat, squinty eyes, and sweat behind your knees you catch yourself thinking about snow. And you’re thinking about it without disgust, but with just a hint of longing! This summer has been so hot that I think that day came a […]

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pinteresting: mask-querades

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I’m loving my unofficial Pinterest week over here. Every day I get to double-indulge in my favorite guilty inspirational pleasure: searching through Pinterest for my favorite goodies. You know what I wish they’d add? the ability to have a list of favorites/bookmarks for boards you follow. Because otherwise I’m constantly lost in the main feed. […]

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