momma beads from madre beads

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Seeing a new business being born is so dang exhilarating. I just get a kick seeing someone bring their big ideas to life – and I’m especially excited when it’s someone I know! Let’s welcome a new business into the world, shall we? Meet Madre beads – the eco-friendly, non-toxic jewelry all of you savvy […]

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give your favorite littles a new wardrobe

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When I was pregnant with Birdie, I was obsessed with knitting her as many things as I could before she arrived. It was the best way I could think of to show my love for her when I had no other way except for hugging my own belly. Now, of course, if I have time […]

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make it: spring printables worth hopping for!

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Make sure you have the luck of the Irish and download Smallful’s Rainbow Crown! It’s springtime! I want to shout it from the rooftops and hilltoops and mountaintops like that famous scene in Sound of Music. I want to throw my arms wide and shout: “Let’s make some Spring printables!” Okay, […]

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spring dresses: fancy enough for everyday

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Do you have a daughter who wants to pull out ALL the fashion stops at rather random moments? One day Birdie is fine with me picking out everything she wears, and the next she has very specific ideas. It’s fascinating to see her coming into her own (and yes, a little frustrating when it happens […]

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monster hands

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It’s the week before Christmas, and everything over here is a flurry! Everything except the weather that is. It rained yesterday. In Minnesota. In December. We’re all very very confused around here. But, it means hilarious gloves like these mitts from Warmsters are just the right garb to keep up with the warmer temperatures. (Because […]

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put a badge on it

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I think my favorite part of my short-lived stint in the Girl Scouts was the badges. Perfect little icons, all sewn in a row. Collecting them was addictive, and there were certain ones that were so much cuter and prettier than others that I wanted them the most – even if I didn’t like the activity […]

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do you need an old-fashioned halloween?

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Every year the mail carrier delivers one of those fliers for Halloween costumes and my face contorts the moment I see it. Since when do we need a sexy Alice in Wonderland? How does being a femaiile Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle require a green tutu? Why are all the skirts way above the knees? And why are […]

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this can help those school separation anxieties

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Do your kids have a hard time going to school about this time in the year? The excitement begins to wear off and the honeymoon phase is over. Birdie is normally a very confident little girl. But when she doubts herself, and when new situations begin to overwhelm her, separation anxiety rears its ugly head. […]

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a new way to shop for everything

Alexander & Sophia Girls polka dot playsuit

I’m excited about today’s feature, because I think it’s a sign of things to come. As bloggers we’re always looking for the next wave, and when it comes to shopping through blogs, I think I may have found it. Today I want to introduce you to Bringhub, and a couple of perfect fashion picks from […]

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your kiddo is ready to up up and away!

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It happened. Fall has arrived. School is starting, And I swear, no joke, there are some trees in my area that are already turning colors (it makes me hurt, I can’t take it!). You know what comes along with fall and all the other back to school madness? The holidays. They’re around the corner. I […]

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back to school backpacks

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I tried to convince Birdie that she needed one of these amazing little backpacks designed by Michelle Romo for the Land of Nod. But she’d already found a unicorn backpack she prefers, and I’m not really surprised, since unicorns are one of her top most favorite of favorite things! Still, if we hadn’t seen the unicorns, […]

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make it: geo necklaces DIY

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There’s a new Design Star challenge in town, and I intend to … well, to be a part of it! I’m not sure I’ll win, but I’m having a blast playing around as part of the Cricut Design Space™ Star Competition. Contestants have been grouped into teams, and we design new concepts every month to […]

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you’ll need these for your lille lova

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I have a serous case of baby fever right now. No, I am not pregnant, but having a 5 year old makes you realize how far we are from baby-dom.  I do want to share with you a beautiful line of hand-knit lovelies that are perfect for your own babies. Lille Lova Knits has a name […]

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which animal are you?

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Pretend play makes me so very happy. Well, I’m happier when I’m watching it happen – it’s kind of hard to really get into pretend play as an adult. Sad but true, right? Maybe we just haven’t found the right accessory. These printed canvas masks from the Lucky Fish Shop look like just the thing […]

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april showers bring may umbrellas

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Birdie’s favorite umbrella is broken. Not just a little bit broken, but a whole heckuvalot broken. Of course, she still demands to use it. Even though she’s walking around with a half-cocked umbrella, the other half smushed flat against her head. She’s a determined little girl. But it makes me sad to see her trying […]

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