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Now you can be a Queen or King any old day of the week. Tutankhamun became King at the ripe old age of 9 or 10, so it’s not that far of a stretch to pretend your own kids are king or queen for the day. They can rule the roost, the pets, and their room with this quick King Tut Mask.

The King Tut Mask is ready to make with four main pieces – the face, 2 ears, and the headdress (which is printed in 4 separate pieces). Assembly is quick, just add ribbon or string to wear for hours on end. It will fit adults as well as kids – so feel free to dress yourself up too!

This project was designed for the Cricut Explore. But you can make it without the machine too – scroll to the bottom of the post to see how to make this printable without a Cricut machine (and with access to your handy dandy scissors!).

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King Tut Printable Mask for Kids with Cricut


King Tut Printable Mask for Kids with Cricut

Prep and Cut:

  • Using the Print Then Cut option in your Cricut Design Space™ software, print all of your mask pieces onto 8.5” x 11” cardstock.
  • Follow the steps in Cricut Design Space™ software to cut out the pieces.


  • Begin with the largest piece, the face. Glue or tape the two sides together using the center tab.

King Tut Printable Mask for Kids with Cricut

  • Along the top of the forehead, there are 3 triangle-shaped tabs. Bend (no folding necessary!) them under the section next to them to curve the top of the mask into a rounded shape, glue or tape them in place.

King Tut Printable Mask for Kids with Cricut

  • Add the ears on either side of the mask. Use the tabs to glue or tape them to the backside of the face piece – make sure they don’t cover the holes for the string!

King Tut Printable Mask for Kids with Cricut

  • The headdress has 1 top pieces and 2 side pieces. Add the side pieces along the bottom edges of the top piece using the outside tabs.

King Tut Printable Mask for Kids with Cricut

  • Attach the headdress to the top of the face piece. Use the tabs and glue or tape it to the backside of the forehead. Make sure the sides of the headdress go behind the ears.
  • Add ribbon or string to the side holes on either side of the mask. Now strut your stuff King Tut!
  • Note, there is some overlap between the sides of the headdress and the face/ears. That’s ok, once it’s on your face things bend differently and it all works!­

Make this Printable without a Cricut machine:

If you don’t have a Cricut Explore, you can still create this project as a printable – you’ll cut them out with your scissors instead. Follow the steps below. This will let you purchase the file, and Print Then Cut by hand. There are some interior cuts you may want to ignore, but otherwise you’ll be just fine.

  • Click the “Customize” button for the project you want to make from Smallful’s Cricut Shop.
  • Cricut Print Then Cut projects can only print within a 5.5” x 8” area. You’ll notice the images are laid out and grouped to be printed that way – over multiple pages.
  • Select each image and click the “flatten” button in the pop-up menu on the right.
  • Hit “Go” and then Sign In or create a Cricut ID and enter your payment info.
  • If you aren’t using the Cricut to cut, you will want to remove the bleed by clicking the ‘Bleed (for print then cut)’ box (find this by clicking the blue “more mat options”) under the print copies in the upper LH corner). This will give you a cleaner print.
  • From there, click the “Print and Go” button. At this point, your printer menu will pop up and you can print the image. After you hit print, it will ask you to make sure you have connected your Cricut Explore, but you can just ignore this because you’re all finished! Now you have your own printable to cut out and use!


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