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top 12  most unique gifts and toys for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k, kids tweens and teens under $25 this season

This has been some week! Now you have 5 days worth of Small for Big’s Annual Gift Guides! There will be seven Gift Guides this year: babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kids 5 and up, under $25, Gals (moms) and Guys (dads). with 12 items per list, I’m feeling pretty confident you’ll find something for someone on your list – or even for yourself. We’ll wrap up next week with the final gift guides and an absolutely STUNNING giveaway – our biggest giveaway ever, so stop back!

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Plus, you can check out all the Gift Guides on Pinterest too! The Pinterest Gift Guide boards already include lots of extra picks from prior years, and I’ll be adding gift ideas throughout December. Happy Holidays everyone!

  1. Cinderella (Flip-Up Fairy Tales), $8.99. Goldilocks (Flip-Up Fairy Tales), $6.99. The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Flip Up Fairy Tales), $8.99
  2. Bike Bell, $20
  3. Paper Punk 3D Paper Folding Toy – Robot, $18.99
  4. Ridley’s Magic Trick Cards, $7.99
  5. Spinny Speller, $9.95
  6. Red Tool Box Racing Car, $12.95
  7. OUCH! Bruise Soothing Gel Pack, $11.99
  8. Anime Project DIY Kit, $0.99
  9. Mobile Art Book, $14.49
  10. Elephant Eraser, $1.00
  11. Sun Print Kit, $16
  12. Quirky Physics Cabinet of Curiosities, $18
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