peas pass the reality of a princess

by mari

When a young girl enters the Princess phase, there is only one thing to do: drag your feet while kicking and screaming. I might mean that metaphorically, I might not. Either way, I’m looking to find that magical word – moderation – when balancing her interests while reminding her of the big wide world beyond those silly D-word Princesses. (we have yet to watch one of those movies, and I am also dragging my feet on that issue!)

I’ve noticed several books are trying to help us promote the full width and breadth of being a Princess. This modern retelling of the classic, The Princess and the Peas, is a brilliant example. Author Caryl Hart tells the tale of Lily-Rose, who absolutely abhors peas. Things get so bad her dad calls in the Doctor, who diagnoses the poor thing with, gasp, Princess-itus. It’s a rare condition with one cure: send her to the palace to b a Princess. What ensues is the tedium of being a real princess: etiquette, education, pomp, and circumstance. Aha!

We have this book on our wishlist, whether Birdie knows it or not. Thank goodness the cover is pink. That will make my job of convincing her just a wee bit easier.  OH my word, did I just say “thanks goodness the cover is pink”? That’s it, I’m a goner.


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