sling it everywhere!

by mari

Have you noticed slingshots popping up everywhere we turn? Is it just me? They’re adorable, and very retro-cool. Yet, my first thought was: oh no, not a weapon for my kid! But, I’m actually coming around to the idea. It’s a big leap away from a toy gun. More importantly, you can shoot some pretty hilarious things with a sling shot – like pom poms, seed bombs, or paper footballs. I’d hold off on the water balloons and the rocks. And of course, the unbreakable rule: don’t point it at anything that lives, breathes and could love you back.


I know some little boys who might not listen to those rules, but perhaps that’s a good lesson in discipline (we’ll take it away if you break the rules!). Plus, I secretly want to learn how to handle a slingshot myself, what about you? I’m no good at darts, and archery seems too big a leap. Maybe we start with a slingshot and go from there!

Seedbombs with Slinger, Poketo
Slingshot with Pom Poms, Tweet Toys | Neon Pink Slingshot, Hella Slingshots
Slingshot and Seedbombs
Greenaid (many varieties!) | 3 Slingshot Set, Gift Go Green

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1 suba suba June 11, 2020 at 6:06 am

It as hard to come by experienced people for this topic, however, you seem like you know what you are talking about! Thanks


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