round about: wigwams & the carpenter

by mari

Somehow it appears summer no longer ends in September, but in August. Everywhere I turn there are not only future plans for fall, but schools starting right this very second. In the midwest I swear we used to wait until after Labor Day. I feel like I’ve missed some important piece of legislature. Maybe I’m just clueless? Whatever the reason, I finally double-checked that Birdie’s Montessori school actually starts after Labor Day, because no one else appears to be waiting! (Though I don’t want summer to end, now that summer camp is over and  we have no school for another week, I wouldn’t have minded if her school had, in fact, started in August!) When do your kids go back to school? Have they started already? If they have – WHY?!

Round about the great wide web this week:

  • Watercolors meet party favors over at Julep.
  • Jealous of your kid’s pint-sized Teepee? Try this Wigwam, via Notcot.
  • Not-a-sandwich lunchbox ideas via Cool Mom Picks.
  • Find your next Modern Mobile over at Buy Modern Baby.
  • Learn a new tradition and treat your kids on their first day of school, via A Subtle Revelry.
  • I want my sketches to look like Tad’s, via Design*Sponge.

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