round about: cardboard tv’s & crafty books

by mari

Another week has past. I don’t feel like i have much to show for it – and I think that’s just the beginning of how Fall and Winter always feel for me. Between the added school and extra-curriculars schedule, and the weather, things fly by without my knowledge. Somehow in the summer I don’t stress as much if I don’t get much done – it’s summer after all. We’re suposed to be outside and not “doing things” and being accomplished. Go sit in the sun. But in the Winter, what else is there to do? Reading book just feels lazy and entitled. And so the guilt trip begins. Maybe next week I’ll get more done?

Meanwhile, round about the internet this week:

  •  I need to do this. via Modern Parents Messy Kids.
  • The book is finally out! Can’t wait to get my copy. via Mer Mag.
  • I heart cardboard. via Design Milk.
  • Time for some new books. via Fuse #8.
  • Help save the elephants. (they are my fave). via Brika.
  • The funniest children’s products. Thank you Peapods, for the round up.

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