these infographics are actually for your kids

by mari

I’ll admit it, I’ve been swayed by an infographic or two in my day. Bite-size chunks of information, organized beautifully into visually pleasing maze-like layouts – you had me at hello. They’re like a designer’s ideal way to communicate.

But I’d never really thought about what kids might think of them. I guess I assumed that it was too much information in one image for younger brains. Well, I was wrong. The bright colors, short blurbs of condensed facts, and clear progression is actually pretty perfect for kids. These two books from Big Picture Press have proved it to be so.

info-humanbody3 info-humanbody2

Information Graphics: Human Body showcases tons of fast fascinating facts about your own figure. And though I enjoyed the skeleton page, I can tell you right now the kids will love the entire page devoted to iconic images of poop. Ok, I may have learned something there too.


Information Graphics: Animal Kingdom divides the animal world into sections that make total sense to an 8 year old. Forget genus classificaitons, this one features “killers” and “man’s best friend”. But at the same time, the infographics include lots of real facts to keep it educational too.

info-animals2 info-animals1

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