wooden toys once lost, now found

by mari

You guys. You know that moment when you find something you thought you’d lost forever? I was a huge fan of Soopsori toys, but realized they were no longer producing some time ago. Yet, I’d see a glimpse of their work on smaller boutique sites. I thought, well, it must be old stock, right?


Guess what. It turns out Soopsori is now part of Beyond 123, and their toys live on! I’m so giddy with excitement, I could do a little happy foot dance right here from under my laptop. These toys are gorgeous, minimal, beautifully made, and timeless. Basically, all of my favorite toy qualities rolled into one fabulous little collection. We own the doctor set, and have given several Soopsori toys as baby shower gifts over the years. You can’t go wrong, I swear it! I’m now going to add all of their items to my bookmarks asap, so I don’t lose them ever again.

Vegetable & Fruit PlaysetDoctor PlaysetMagnetic CarsRattle Blocks

slide-megcar-1 slide-rattle-1

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