a game where winking is required!

by mari

It’s got to be hard to come up with a new game. So many have come before, how do you come up with something new?

Wink game from Blue Orange Games - perfect for family game night

Blue Orange has created a game that has a really great twist to it. No, the game play itself isn’t completely new, but it’s twisted around and changed enough that I found it really enjoyable. The game is called Wink, and your mission is to covertly wink at your secret partner without being detected by the other players. Your secret partner is determined by whether or not you have the matching card she is looking for. Because the directions are a little different from any other game I’ve seen, the first time reading through them might be a little confusing. But as soon as you play a round you’ll have the hang of it!

Wink game from Blue Orange Games - perfect for family game night

The Wink Board Game is best for older kids (ages 8 and up) and large groups, because it’s more fun when all of the cards are in play. Plus, you have to work harder to hide your winking from all the other players – they can accuse you and steal your card! It’s the perfect kind of game for a family game night, with lots of room for laughs and silly accusations. How covertly can YOU wink?

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