round about: bookspine poetry & blocks for guitars

by mari

Another week of summer is slipping away, and with it so goes July too. Are you ready for the end of summer county fairs and back to school prep? Nah, I’m not either. Let’s drown ourselves in these links instead, and pretend summer is forever.

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • The easiest way to get your kids making poems ever. via What Do We Do All Day.
  • Help youngsters learn their guitar chords with these blocks – heck, I could use them! via Babyology.
  • The “funnest” necklaces you’ll ever make. via Handmade Charlotte.
  • Quotes just for kids, love these. via Hello, Wonderful.
  • Designy things I hadn’t really thought about before. via Minted.
  • I wish I lived a life filled with hanging planters. via Fall for DIY.

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