round about: olfactory skin & sequined walls

by mari

Well, as of this week, I’ve officially decided it’s too late to catch up any time this year. I’ll start fresh in 2016. But from now until Christmas, I can tell you right now I’ll be flitting from one deadline/crisis to the next! Ah the holidays, gotta love’em, right? So many great projects to get done, and so little time before it’s all over. Tell me, are you one of those people that gets all their Christmas shopping done by November, their projects completed, and has their act together, or are you a procrastinator like me?

Meanwhile, round about the internet.

  1. Let the DIY Costume craziness begin! via Lovely Indeed
  2. And suddenly, my fear of too many sequins evaporates. via Colossal
  3. Need some creepy this Halloween? This should do it. via Make
  4. I just love concrete crafts, they’re so strong. via Fall for DIY
  5. Did you know your skin has olfactory receptors?! via The New York Times
  6. Mesmerize your kids with some dominoes. via The Kid Should See This

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