you can be a sweet silly

by mari

Ok, quick, before the the Holidays with a capital “H” take over. What comes after New Years? Valentines’ Day, and even though you may not think you need to worry about it now, let’s just think for a second. Are you ever prepared for Valentine’s Day?

Sweet Sillys Candy Heart Jewelry for Valentines

I’m not, because I’m too busy with everyone else. So let’s take a moment today to support this brilliant, sweet (literally), and altogether adorable project: Sweet Sillys. You’ll take your favorite iconic candy hearts to an entirely new level with a Sweet Silly ring! The Sweet Sillys Ring is made of food grade silicone and includes a flexible housing to easily pop in the candy heart – no need for drilling holes or applying glue while keeping it 100% edible. Nab a party set big enough to give to your kids’ entire class, or purchase a smaller number just for you and your grown-up friends.

Sweet Sillys Candy Heart Jewelry for Valentines

Seriously, these rings will go well with everyone and everything come February, but the Kickstarter campaign ends in just 21 days. So get on it, go over to Sweet Sillys’ Kickstarter Campaign and make your purchase/donation now – that way you won’t have a thing to worry about in Febrruary.

Sweet Sillys Candy Heart Jewelry for Valentines

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