git guide: 10 favorite gifts for kids 5+

by mari

It’s crazy. When I first started doing gift guides, this guide was the biggest stretch for me because Birdie was only 1 years old. And now, here I am realizing she’s almost 7 and this guide is the one for her?! Like every parent everywhere, let me just commiserate with the universal phrase: they grow too fast. Okay, now let’s get to the pressies, shall we? These gifts are best for ages 5 and up!

  1. Cat Ear Headphones
  2. Harry Potter Coloring Books
  3. Longboard Skateboard
  4. Wink Board Game
  5. OWI Robotic Arm Kit
  6. Build Your Own Eiffel Tower Kit
  7. DIY Ukulele Kit
  8. Bitsbox Coding Apps Subscription Sets
  9. PowerUp Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
  10. Sequined Circlet Crown

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