snuggling with the foxes

by mari

Well, our warm winter is finally over. The “cold snap” has arrived, and it’s a doozy. Just in time for the boring, bitter, dark month of January too? So not fair.

handknit handmade fox scarf on etsySometimes you need a little pampering to get through the hard stuff. And in my Northern clime, winter definitely qualifies as hard stuff. So I’m thinking of updating my scarf collection with one of these handmade fox scarves from Tre Melarance. They’re made for children or adults, so don’t judge me, I’m not stealing from the kdidos, not exactly. They look super soft and extra long, so you can wrap them around even the longest of necks. I just want to feel like a friendly fox is cuddling me close when I have to step out into those negative windchills, don’t you?

handknit handmade fox scarf on etsy handknit handmade fox scarf on etsy

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