come one, come all, to the “Lauvely” seashore circus

by mari

These sweet stuffed friends have all kinds of magic packed into their soft bodies. Handknit with 100% lambswool, each pal features just enough unique detail to feel very special.

Lauvely friend stuffed doll

But I think each of these friends from Lauvely have stories that are just as cute. Mermaid Marina builds the best sandcastles, and loves to listen to One-Eyed Jack’s stories at sunset. While he likes to play the ukulele and uses his peg leg as a percussion instrument! Isadora the aerialist prefers mismatched socks and longs to own a horse, and the mime Gelsomina loves old hats, daisies, and the smell of fresh cut grass. Their personalities weave the perfect little story, don’t you think?

Lauvely friend stuffed doll Lauvely friend stuffed doll

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