play on the floor mats!

by mari

There are so many ugly playmats for little ones, and then you see something gorgeous like these and realize there’s hope after all!

babee and me neon playmat for babies and kids

I’m particularly fond of Babee and Me’s map playmat – because it can serve so many functions. Babies as giants, car races, fantasy rescue missions, this mat will grow with your kiddo way beyond the tummy time stage. And honestly, I have a feeling some moms would be a bit wary of putting a white mat underneath their precious bundles of joy. Yeah, babies are messy. Luckily, these things are washable. Also, the fringe trim is totally optional – so if you’re worried about teethers and chewers,you can get a simple binded edge instead. These look so lovely as a nursery rug too. There’s lots more to see from Babee and Me, check our their site!

babee and me black and white playmat for babies and kids

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