icosahedron playhouse? maybe!

by mari

I’m a bit obsessed with geometry right now, and icosahedrons are right up my alley. So my eyes kind of bugged out of my head when I stumbled onto this sweet little house!

Home Made Modern Geometric Doghouse DIY Plans

Ok, yes, it’s a doghouse. But it’s a DIY Doghouse, you could make it any size you want right? They even tell you how to get the right measurements to fit your dog, so just go big! In fact, what if we make one for the doggie and one for the kiddos too? Now that would be awesome. Heck, let’s throw in a third one to become our own personal reading nook – it’d fit in the corner of the living room, wouldn’t it?

Check out the full DIY plans at HomeMade Modern.

Home Made Modern Geometric Doghouse DIY Plans

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