round about: pom pom picnics & colored pencil rings

by mari

Sometimes something a little magical happens, and it can turn an entire week around in a snap. It rained this evening. By some miracle we actually finished dinner with lots of time to spare, and Birdie asked to go outside with her umbrella. I joined her, and next thing you know we’re laughing in the rain together, saving earthworms from the driveway. She was telling them the sweetest things  – “Stop having a fuss-down, I’m trying to save your life!”, and telling me “These worms are SASSY!” and I hope to god I remember it forever and ever. Moments like this make the drudgery more bearable. I’m wishing you a weekend with your own magical moment. Heck, shoot for several!

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • Do you have a go-to homemade granola bar recipe? I’m still searching for one, this one’s close. via Design Mom
  • I’d like to take a month off and work to paint like this. via The Design Files
  • Make picnics extra awesome with a quick picnic blanket DIY. via Studio DIY
  • Have your own retro sign to say whatever you want to whomever’s in the house. via Poppytalk
  • Colored pencils become colored rings – love! via So Super Awesome
  • Reclaimed wood art installation – so beautiful. via Colossal


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