round about: pom pom hills & triangle steps

by mari

It seems we’re in the middle of a heatwave – and even this normally heat-loving blogger has been spending more time inside this week. Ooph, that midwestern humidity is definitely trying. Maybe today we all need permission to go to the beach/pool/sprinkler nearest us?

Meanwhile, round about the internet:

  • Suddenly you’ll want a yard full of topiary. via Colossal
  • The subtlest color palette has so much power. via The Fox is Black
  • With a 6’4″ man in the house, I’ll use this all the time to keep up. via Swiss Miss
  • Tinted plaster? Now I want to make all the plaster things. via Paper & Stitch
  • Thank goodness teepees are still a thing, cause we still need one! via Project Nursery
  • Mmm, vintage. Some great picks for getting the goods. via Clementine Daily

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