round about: last minute halloween

by mari

Are you actually done with all of your Halloween costume prep? Like, every little thing is ready to go, and you’re just waiting for Monday? Because, as usual, we are not. We haven’t even seen all of the pieces on her body at one time! Ack! This always happens. And knowing Birdie and her high expectations, we should probably do a dry run asap so we can adjust things as needed. She has lots of big ideas. Is Last-minute Halloween a thing at your house too? We haven’t even bought our pumpkins to carve yet! (do I dare say that out loud, as a blogger? I’m not sure that’s allowed.)

Some of my favorite Halloween picks this week:

  • I wish I’d designed this, but then again, I bet it took hours! via Awesome Patterns.
  • There are LOTS of great Halloween printables over at Smallful!
  • This apple cracks me up. via PoppyTalk
  • Make some spider webs on Saturday, these are easy to do! via Small for Big
  • Cutest Pumpkin Seeds you ever did see. via Handmade Charlotte
  • In the world beyond Halloween, I’m in love with these. via Trendland

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