strangely adorable creatures

by mari

These silly creatures shouldn’t be so cute, and yet I can’t stop loving them.

Lullaby for Foxes - kawaii art toys and fantastical creatures

Lullaby for Fox creates these fantastical animals using polymer clays and soft furs, they’re definitely not to be played with. But their sweet expressions and crazy details make them worthy of any child’s biggest imagination. Maybe adding one of these to your home will help increase your own imagination? I think there’s a pretty good chance it would.

Stop by Lullaby for Fox to see all of her creatures, including brooches and other animals too.

Lullaby for Foxes - kawaii art toys and fantastical creatures Lullaby for Foxes - kawaii art toys and fantastical creatures

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1 Natasha Moppet Dolls November 16, 2021 at 4:26 am

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Résultats de traduction
These weirdly kawaii toys are very funny. They have something with their eyes that gives them a little life. :-)
It reminds me of the little handmade fabric Moppet dolls that I will see on Etsy. These dolls also have a Kawaii style with black eyes. But the version with the true eyes have a little more life. The eyes of the dolls are very successful by the artist.
I think these dolls could very well play with these Lullaby
which are very pretty in the miniature dollhouse that we are building. I think the Lullaby’s are also close to the 1 / 12th scale One-twelfth scale MoppetDolls and should do just fine in the dollhouse.
These Lullaby’s go very well in a magical world that is a little childish.
Small personalized black dolls, tiny figurine for the Christmas crib. Unique customizable doll. Asian dolls or black fabric dolls with frizzy African hair, the diversity of choice and style of clothing is unique.
Always with impeccable quality and service, that’s why like the Lullaby, there are collectors of MoppetDolls dolls, enthusiasts all over the world.
This corresponds to a great creative work, a great work of sewing and knitting. When we see the size of the objects we wonder how we can knit miniature woolen hats of this quality. You have to master very small 1mm knitting needles.
Have a nice day, health be with you.

MoppetDolls mini fabric dolls for dollshouse



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