this can help those school separation anxieties

by mari

Separation Anxiety solution - make new school fears easier - kid-proof locket necklace | Small for Big

Do your kids have a hard time going to school about this time in the year? The excitement begins to wear off and the honeymoon phase is over. Birdie is normally a very confident little girl. But when she doubts herself, and when new situations begin to overwhelm her, separation anxiety rears its ugly head.

When she began to refuse to go to school last year because she worried she’d miss me too much, I grabbed an old necklace of mine and let her wear it. The results were like giving her a magic talisman. But then I realized we could do one better.

So we made this inexpensive locket. The round brass locket only costs a couple of bucks, and it’s quick to print out a couple photos of us. On particularly bad mornings, I fill it up with kisses on her way out the door. It’s shifted her attitude from tears and refusal to a stoic resolve. She wears this locket everyday without fail.


But there were some hiccups making a child-proof necklace that withstands hours of school and playtime. We’ve gone through 2 regular necklace chains, 2 different ball chains, acrylic yarn, cotton twine, and thin leather cord – they all broke. The photos have been replaced a couple times when they got wet – thank goodness for cheap home printing. We’ve also lost a couple regular jump rings (they pulled apart too easily) and almost lost the locket in the process. You can even see the brass finish is wearing off, luckily I think that adds to it’s character.

So what are the only things that have worked to make this locket kid-proof?

If your kiddos need a little boost, you might try a locket like this one – I think it’s unisex enough that even boys could wear one.

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