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sunshine2upThis is a Design Blog without a snooty attitude.

We like to think of Small for Big as our place to bond over our love for all that is playful, modern, inspirational, and mostly affordable.

Like lots of parents, I want the best for my daughter, Birdie, and at the best price. But I also have over fourteen years industry experience as a toy designer, which adds a little twist to it all.

Birdie has no idea what it really means to be a toy designer (though she has started sketching right alongside me!), but she certainly enjoys the ride  – and she gives her 2 cents as often as she can.

So stop by daily for the best in playful design, inspiration, kids toys, DIY, decor, clothing, books and more. Plus, a little bit of Birdie, here and there.

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You can also find my writing and style finds at Handmade Charlotte, Apartment Therapy, Houzz, and Vivint’s The Neighborhood.

Read more about me in these interviews with Pinterest, Fish Indie and Classic Play.

And say, by the way, it’s nice to meet you!

-Mari (rhymes with Atari) Richards and Birdie


bar_rucci_photoBar Rucci
A graphic designer by profession, and wife and mother to three by sheer good fortune, I started Art Bar to share some of my ideas and to cultivate creativity within my home and community. Through my blog, I hope to inspire both kids and adults to express themselves by using their hands to make stuff. I encourage my readers and friends to create memories of a home filled with handmade arts and crafts (especially pom-poms). I also make quilts and postcards and wile away hours on pinterest, instagram and tumblr.


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