you’re going to love mae

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I’m currently considering getting rid of all our more child-friendly plates, snack bowls, and little cups, but if Birdie was a little younger I’d be hoarding these sets of dinnerware instead. Love Mae creates the sweetest little illustrations on these bamboo plate, bowl, cup, and spoon sets. Bamboo is one of these eco-friendly renewable resources […]

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so much better than chewing your arm

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Chewbeads newest teething accessories just might be the prettiest of the bunch. Already known for their teething necklaces and bracelets (the ones I wish I’d had when Birdie was small!), Chewbeads is expanding to include these uber-cool car seat and stroller accessories. I hear some of the beads glow in the dark, crazy right? Thanks […]

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worth 1000 words: leather swing

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In my dream home with the endless budget, there is an old-fashioned attic painted entirely in white with fancy dormers, lots of play space, and a couple of these leather swings by Fritz Hansen & Louis Vuitton.

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add some color to your baby’s world

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Burp clothes in white? Eh, so boring. I just saw these gorgeous rainbow muslins and had to share – I love seeing lots of color in a baby’s world, and these burp clothes from Faye & Lou are the perfect answer to a case of the blahs. I also love the British way of saying […]

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want some dolls with your coffee?

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Coffee tables can be anything from boring, too big, too small, painful corners, great storage, running all the way to unusual. But for families, coffee tables become even more: game time, train table, Lego central, movie night meals, etc. etc. But I’d never considered using one as a dollhouse before. Designed by Ulyanov Architects, this beauty of […]

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back to school backpacks

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I tried to convince Birdie that she needed one of these amazing little backpacks designed by Michelle Romo for the Land of Nod. But she’d already found a unicorn backpack she prefers, and I’m not really surprised, since unicorns are one of her top most favorite of favorite things! Still, if we hadn’t seen the unicorns, […]

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iimo trikes for your tots

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I’m such a sap when it comes to tricycles, I can still remember the big red trike when I was little, it’s one of those things you never forget. Even though I have a feeling I didn’t ride it all that much, it’s one of those still images from early childhood that’s burned forever into […]

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to play, or not to play with your food

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As a general rule, most parents I know would probably agree that we shouldn’t play with our food at the dinner table. And yet, when Birdie decides her half-eaten bread is shaped like a dinosaur – ROAR – I usually go with it. Maybe that’s why this Dinner Winner plate makes me smile so much. This goal-oriented […]

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Mamas and Papas with Donna Wilson

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Now where the heck was this when Birdie was new? She claims she still wants to ride in a stroller at the ripe old age of 5, but I just don’t think she’s going to fit in one of these. Donna Wilson is a long-time favorite. She’s such a whilrwind of textile design, and with […]

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april showers bring may umbrellas

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Birdie’s favorite umbrella is broken. Not just a little bit broken, but a whole heckuvalot broken. Of course, she still demands to use it. Even though she’s walking around with a half-cocked umbrella, the other half smushed flat against her head. She’s a determined little girl. But it makes me sad to see her trying […]

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ride’em high, ride’em low: modern ride-on toys

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I’ve been shuffling through the internet for good Toy Fair 2014 coverage. So far, I’m finding the most information on Instagram – social medai rules! I was amazed to discover that the adorabel Jelly Bean Racer (top of post) is made by Little Tikes. More shocking? It’s only $19.99. Seriously. It reminds me of the […]

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honestly the most honest company

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Keeping myself and my family healthy is a major part of my life. Over the last several years I’ve become very aware of the ingredients in the food we eat, the toys we buy, and the products we use in our household. That’s one of the reasons why today – instead of toys or design […]

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experiencing something new

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Back in the day, many moons ago, I used to be what I like to all “Cross-Platform”. I could handle both PC’s and Macs, and was proud of the fact that I had no allegiances. My first job in the big bad world was at a sign shop (the name of it is just too […]

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because kids love to crumple things … like maps

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In a scant two weeks I’m getting on a plane and flying to Salt Lake City, UT, to attend the Altitude Design Summit. I am beyond excited! But I’m still debating how to tell my daughter I’ll be gone for four long days. She’s been pretty attached at the hip lately, and I know it’s going […]

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guest who?
esther from buy modern baby

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Esther is one of my oldest blogging friends – and one of the only ones I’ve actually met in person as well! We have a very similar aesthetic, but she is clearly the decor guru, while I slide more towards playthings. Make sure to stop by Buy Modern Baby to see a slew of decorating ideas […]

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