storing keepsakes just got beautiful

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Get rid of those plastic tubs, and the fraying fabric bins from the big box stores. I have your new storage system. Baby mementos are some of the most precious things – to parents as we keep them, and to kids when they grow up. They give us history, placement, memory, permanence. Don’t put them […]

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start the year/day right with these bowls

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Welcome to 2017 and all of the resolutions, fresh starts, and organizational urges that come along with the beginning of a new year! To help us along that path, Avanchy’s beautiful bamboo bowls caught my eye. Upgrade your youngun’s mealtime routines with bowls that won’t slip, and won’t fall on the floor. Is that for real? Because […]

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playing on the floor again!

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There are definitely a lot of not-so-pretty playmats for our babies, but every once in awhile I stumble across the perfect playmat. I think these playmats from Sweet Creations qualify as almost perfect. They’re modern, super soft, and a good size for playing on. Of course, there is some white to wash up when things […]

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ice pops molds your kids will love

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August is upon us. Here in my neck of the woods, that means the hottest temperatures – and the highest humidity – are coming. It’s time to be prepared. It’s time to stock up on popsicles – or at our house, popsicle-making supplies. I have a really hard time with those fake popsicles colors, so […]

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summer style finds

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I’m going to treat myself this week, since it includes my birthday, and take some time away from the internet. So I’ll warn you now, you won’t hear from Small for Big until next week! But that’s ok, I think we’re all taking it slower this summer, right? And in the meantime, I thought I’d […]

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make bathtime the bomb

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Does anyone else have kids who really don’t want to take a bath? It’s like it’s taking precious time away from their all-day playtime! Birdie is one of those kids. Bath time can be a battleground of “Not right now” and “I’ll do it after x,y, and z!”. But guess what, I’ve found a secret […]

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low-res in wood

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The term low-res usually has bad repercussions in my line of work, but in this case, it has a whole new meaning. Check out these sweet “low-res” fruits from Loglike. It’s a funny little pun on low-res, don’t you think? instead of pixelated images we have pixelated wooden fruit. Ah, the pun of it all. […]

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icosahedron playhouse? maybe!

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I’m a bit obsessed with geometry right now, and icosahedrons are right up my alley. So my eyes kind of bugged out of my head when I stumbled onto this sweet little house! Ok, yes, it’s a doghouse. But it’s a DIY Doghouse, you could make it any size you want right? They even tell you […]

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dino handles and smiley mugs

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In keeping with my need to anthropomorphize everything around me – and I do mean everything – I had better highlight these amazing mugs from Creations Li. Based in Canada, these mugs from Creations Li will give you such a chuckle. Seriously, I would rather drink my hot beverage out of one of these than some […]

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play on the floor mats!

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There are so many ugly playmats for little ones, and then you see something gorgeous like these and realize there’s hope after all! I’m particularly fond of Babee and Me’s map playmat – because it can serve so many functions. Babies as giants, car races, fantasy rescue missions, this mat will grow with your kiddo way […]

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ceramic sippy cup?

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Plastic sippy cups. Necessary evil, bane of our existence, or thing of the past? One of the most annoying accessories of young kids are those dang sippy cups! Now, I know, ceramic anything is not high on a mom’s list of must-haves when leaving the house with a kiddo. But at home, at mealtime, maybe […]

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our new favorite backpack, like, ever

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Birdie came home from school last week with a very broken backpack. We’re not sure what happened, but somehow the strap was completely ripped loose, with a gaping hole where it was originally attached. Luckily, we had a couple of days without school to find a replacement (the only bonus to faculty retreat days!). Luckily, […]

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pompoms and blankets go beyond cute

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PIck a subtle, sophisticated palette, throw in some pops of super on-trend color, and maybe a tribal print. What do you get? The perfect hipster baby gift. Each handmade cotton/wool blend blanket from Little Louise NYC is the perfect size for strollers, with beautiful wool pom poms giving a little flounce around the edges. The […]

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origami playhouse

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I saw a T-shirt the other day that fits my Monday mornings almost perfectly: it said “I can’t adult today”. Anyone with me? Let’s go hide out in Origanid’s French Playhouse. You bring the hot cocoa, I’ll bring the pillows and blankets. Seriously, if the cost wasn’t quite so splurge-worthy, I’d probably be ordering one […]

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the kids bike you didn’t know you needed

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There are so many things, impractical, slightly unnecessary things, that one could want: ceiling lights shaped like clouds, the perfect holiday dress, wooden pianos the size of a toddler, yet another children’s book. Sometimes though, dreaming about those impractical things is really part of the fun of it all. Take these precious bikes from Republic […]

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