amayadeeme for your kids rooms

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Don’t want the typical zoo, car, or ballerina themes for your bedroom? Yep, me neither. Check out Amayadeeme’s collection of prints, pillows, and more to give you some fresh perspective on what a kids room can be. Any one of these fresh pieces – or several – would be a great inspirational starting point to […]

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small wild just for you

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Little teeny tiny perfect animals that are just for you. Consider this a mother’s day treat – and don’t let the kiddos see them! Small Wild makes these beautiful ceramic animals as totems, figurines and necklaces. They remind me of the precious items you’d see on a woman’s dressing table, from centuries past. But of […]

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dino handles and smiley mugs

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In keeping with my need to anthropomorphize everything around me – and I do mean everything – I had better highlight these amazing mugs from Creations Li. Based in Canada, these mugs from Creations Li will give you such a chuckle. Seriously, I would rather drink my hot beverage out of one of these than some […]

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5 rugs that make your kids go wow!

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Kids and floors. They go together like chocolate and peanut butter, there’s no way around it. The trick, it seems, is to find rugs worthy of your kiddo’s cool factor. It can’t be any old striped affair! No, it has to have some wit, some whimsy, and a little extra flair. Let’s get playful and put […]

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ceramic sippy cup?

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Plastic sippy cups. Necessary evil, bane of our existence, or thing of the past? One of the most annoying accessories of young kids are those dang sippy cups! Now, I know, ceramic anything is not high on a mom’s list of must-haves when leaving the house with a kiddo. But at home, at mealtime, maybe […]

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coffee table + dollhouse

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If you’re like most parents, one of the most frustrating hurdles of kids and their stuff is the way everything spreads. Through every room in the house, constantly. Maybe instead of trying to corral it, and cajole back into the the kids’ rooms, we just need to find a better way to “hide” it in plain […]

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Target kids decor gets a total makeover

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You may remember Target’s decision to remove the boys and girls signage in their toy departments. It was a move that myself and many other moms  felt was a really good thing: now my girl can go look at Legos without feeling like she’s crossed into “boy” territory. Or vice versa for the boys – […]

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you can grow a mermaid tail in no time

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One of the silliest – and enjoyable – gifts Birdie received over the Holidays was the ability to turn into a mermaid whenever she feels like it! It’s easier than drinking a magic potion or singing like the Little Mermaid. All you need is a Blankie Tail. Available in different colors and made of the […]

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pompoms and blankets go beyond cute

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PIck a subtle, sophisticated palette, throw in some pops of super on-trend color, and maybe a tribal print. What do you get? The perfect hipster baby gift. Each handmade cotton/wool blend blanket from Little Louise NYC is the perfect size for strollers, with beautiful wool pom poms giving a little flounce around the edges. The […]

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all new: plaeful erasable frames wall decals

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I am so excited for my friend Agnes, from the blog Hello, Wonderful. She asked for my help earlier this year to illustrate a new Wall Decal of frames that was erasable – so kids can create as many frame-worthy illustrations as they want! I think the results are pretty fantastic, don’t you? Each Erasable Frames […]

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cushions full of kitty cats

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Birdie has just discovered the power of cat videos via Pinterest. Her squeals were cute in the beginning, she is such an animal lover. When it turned into her recounting each video with a blow by blow description, it began to wear thin! Still, it’s obvious she has a thing for cats – like lots […]

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let’s teach our kids to think big

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Want a simple way to tell the kids that the sky’s the limit? Try out this quick pillow DIY. They’re so easy to make, and you can try out all kinds of amazing quotes. They’re great to add to a playroom or the head of the kids’ beds, and you can even let them do most of the […]

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monster alphabet

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Usually a stuffed menagerie of animal letters makes me think of kids rooms – let’s write their name or add their initials, right? Somehow, I think the Monster Alphabet creatures would be better suited to something a little loftier. Perhaps it’s the extremely unique handmade approach to each individual letter. Or maybe it’s the price, […]

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with a name like blooey hobbel horse …

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It’s got to be interesting. This rocking horse is more than interesting, it’s pretty much awesome. If you love a more modern look, then Blooey’s Hobbel horse clearly falls in that camp. Plus, it looks lightweight, portable, and potentially indestructible. Think it would work indoors and outdoors? On top of that, just think how easy […]

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your last bit of ice cream pillows

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It is the last day of August, which to me, is synonymous with the last day of Summer. I don’t care what the equinox says, and I know September will still be fairly warm and sunny for the most part, but when August is done, everything shifts. It’s only fitting that we celebrate this last […]

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