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build a little village with me

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Let’s accessorize all of those little toys around the house with a village just their own. Take these wooden buildings from EcoPuzzle. They’re simple and sturdy – leaving lots of room for intepretation and playtime. I love all the brilliant colors they come in too! Obviously red is a classic choice, but I’m kinda feeling […]

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cuddling a kotakura

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It’s a beautiful day for a cuddle, don’t you think? These sweet dolls from Kotakura definitely would agree, even if it means smushing their adorable tutus and beautiful accessories. Made in Poland, these dolls feature natural and eco-friendly fibers like linen, cotton and wool. The hand stitched faces are icing on the cake. Check out […]

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give a little sighfoo

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Have all recovered from the big Holiday weekend? Poor Birdie has been up far too late for 3 nights in a row. I think we’re aaaalllllll glad the 4th of July is behind us at this point! But, to deal with those cranky, sleep-deprived kiddos, maybe we need some huggable plush. And I really do […]

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pull your toys with you

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I love pull toys. That’s really all there is to it. I think they’re adorable, I love that they move, and when I find some new pull toys, I just have to share. Meet just a few of the many wooden pull toys from Friendly Toys. These designers have perfected not only the simple wooden […]

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animals in turtlenecks are cuter

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Have you ever seen a unicorn in a dinner jacket before? You haven’t? Well, today you’re in for a real treat! Rosey Rag Doll makes some of the cutest well-clothed stuffed animals you ever did see. Infinty scarves, neckties, glasses, plaid pants: these animals are stylin’. Plus, they’re super cute all over the place, handmade with […]

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stack it high, stack it low, stack it to and fro

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How would you build the ultimate sandwich? What about your kiddos? I have a feeling Birdie’s idea of an ideal mouthful would be very very different than mine. With this awesome prototype sandwich stacker from Studio Fludd, it kinda feels like the sky’s the limit. I’m starting with the pepperoni – no, no, wait, the […]

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ever heard of babyoshka?

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Nesting dolls are such a wonderful tradition wouldn’t you agree? Check out the Latest from Omm Design and illustrator Ingela Arrhenius – these sweet Babyoshka. Omm Design already sells several different modern (and awesome) matryoshka sets, and now they’ve added these squat, baby-fied versions to, ahem, “round” things out. Choose from either the animal set […]

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TOTO: stacking toy turned totem

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News alert – Rock and Pebble has done it again! How is it something so disarmingly simple can keep my eyes coming back to it again and again? Check out the new TOTO Toy Totem set from Rock and Pebble. It’s a Totem Toy, where you stack and unstack the shapes to create tall towers, […]

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you can grow a mermaid tail in no time

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One of the silliest – and enjoyable – gifts Birdie received over the Holidays was the ability to turn into a mermaid whenever she feels like it! It’s easier than drinking a magic potion or singing like the Little Mermaid. All you need is a Blankie Tail. Available in different colors and made of the […]

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wooden toys you might never expect

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I can’t believe I’m doing this, but apparently I need to share a nother post about wooden toys at Target. It seems to me wooden toys are finally hitting the mainstream – at least in Target’s eyes. Well, Target and Fisher-Price both believe in the importance of wood toys, apparently! Check out this new collaborationL Fisher-Price […]

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play it again with encore toys

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Aaaah, do you feel that? It’s the start of a brand new year. Clean, fresh, and unknown. Even better, it’s the start of school again! I loved having Christmas break with Birdie and lots of family time, but boy howdy we are all ready to get back into our usual routines. (though I’ll admit, the […]

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the splurge-worthy baby and toddler gift

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i had planned to include this in last week’s toddler gift guide, but I forgot! That’s ok, because this Zebra Rocker by Newmakers is so cool, it deserves it’s very own spot to shine. The rocker is designed and manufactured in the Devon (UK) countryside, by designer Dan Cox. But those of us here in the […]

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gift guide:10 best gifts for toddlers

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It’s a wonderful time of year! Time to think about those you love the most, and what little token of your affection might please them as much as they please you. This week Small for Big is going to be finding some of my favorite gift ideas for the season – for kids of all […]

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wee designs with big impact

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Wee Gallery started small, or should I say, wee? But these days they’ve expanded beyond their early-age black and white flash cards (So good for babies under 5 months!) and added all kinds of beautiful goodies with the same graphic style. If I knew a baby young enough for Wee Gallery goods, I’d be having a […]

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dolls growing flowers, capes, and fins

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It’s a quick post today – I’m running behind but I certainly didn’t want to leave you in the lurch. Mondays in particular need a good dose of design to keep us going. How about these sweetheart dolls from Mio Mucaro Creatures? Each doll is made with 100% Cotton fabric (custom printed with Eco-friendly, water-based ink) and […]

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