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When I first started the annual Gift Guides, with a young baby at home, I found this gift guide to be the toughest. But over the years I’ve realized it’s one of my favorite guides to assemble. Why? Because I’m just a big giant kid myself, and lots of these gifts are things I’d LOVE to play with for an afternoon. Do you feel the same way as a parent? That this age is finally the chance to work together with your kids, solving problems as a team? It’s happening more and more with Birdie, and it’s amazing.

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  1. Colorku Wood Game Set
  2. Paper Town DIY Kit
  3. 642 Things to Draw “Coloring” Book
  4. Build Your Own Pinhole Camera Book
  5. Panda Mosaic Kit
  6. Screenprinting Kit
  7. Charles the Badger
  8. Roominate building set
  9. Little Bits Circuit/Motor Set
  10. Ms. Tulip Stitch Kit
  11. Parcheesi Board Game
  12. Wrecking Ball DIY Kit
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