hopalong now, rabbit

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Some of us might be more ready for Spring than others, what do you think? Take this little bunny for instance. This Hopalong Rabbit is the perfect Easter toy, don’t you think? I just love it’s retro charm. Flip those eyes back and forth, roll some beads, sort some shapes, and roll down the hall. […]

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pompom garlands: make or buy?

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I found this image and thought it would lead to a quick DIY tutorial on how to make your very own glorious, mod, boho, garland. But instead, it leads to an even easier solution: a pompom garland ready for purchase! So tell me, would you buy one, or make your own?

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you’ve never stacked blocks like these

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These are the kind of blocks you could add to your desk and everyone would think you’re cool. Or, take Tsumiki Stacking Blocks for a ride with your kids, because I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy playing with them together. Kengo Kuma, the Japanese architect working on the new Tokyo National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics, […]

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strangely adorable creatures

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These silly creatures shouldn’t be so cute, and yet I can’t stop loving them. Lullaby for Fox creates these fantastical animals using polymer clays and soft furs, they’re definitely not to be played with. But their sweet expressions and crazy details make them worthy of any child’s biggest imagination. Maybe adding one of these to your […]

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extraordinary inventions by your kids

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You read that title correctly, your kids are about to make some extraordinary inventions. How do I know this? It’s easy, all you have to do is grab one of these amazing kits from Extraordinaires. They’re product design, invention, creative thinking, and real problem-solving to kids in a way that makes it so much fun. These kits […]

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shoot these arrows

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Looking for something unique to give this holiday season? Take a closer look at these bow and arrows sets by Two Bros Bows. They’re made right here in the US, and began three years ago when 2 brothers decided to create a durable and safe bow and arrows set for kids. Now they’re in specialty […]

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round about: holiday stuff & stuff

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It figures that just as I was wrapping up this post about the chaos of this week, my browser crashed and I lost the entire post. That about sums it up around here folks! Looking to find the joy in the season anyway, and hope you can to. Let’s just get to the links shall […]

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build your own video games

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Finding a good gift for tweens is a tough job! Sometimes it feels like it always comes back around to one thing: video games. I don’t like giving video games as gifts, I guess I’m old fashioned? But here’s a twist on video games that has more appeal to me and to kids too. Bloxels […]

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little wooden robots

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Want something unique to add to your collections? Check out these sweet wooden toys from designer Daniel Moyer. A furniture designer by day, he and his “elves” began making The Superhero and The Sidekick as part of Fdup.Toys. Each one is a numbered edition, and uses upcycled cast off pieces from his high-end furniture designs. These […]

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dollhouse for the ages

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What better Christmas gift for little girls (and boys) than a dollhouse? It’s big, bold, and promises hours of timeless fun. Check out MilkyWood, based in Paris, France. These lovely modern homes are relatively affordable, and have some really sweet style too. You can choose the all white home with an easy clean surface, or […]

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rocking like a snail, in a good way

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Starting slow today? It could be worse, you could be a snail. Start your Baby’s Christmas list now with this sweet rocker called Wiggy the Rocking Snail from Baloq. It’s probably one of the simplest rocking toys I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good – in fact, I think I like it better for […]

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unique dolls for your unique kids

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Winter is coming, isn’t it? We can deny it all we want, but it’s definitely on its way. Maybe we should embrace it with the help of these cozy, bundled dolls from The Dolls Unique. These gals know how to work their winter layers. With hand painted features, vintage and new fabrics, and the most […]

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where’s your llama?

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There’s just something so endearing about a llama! They’re equal parts hilarious and adorable – it’s like they’re trying to be all cerebral and yet they look like a goofball! So of course a stuffed llama has loads of potential. Check out these llamas from Friends of Hadley. Perfect little faces, perfect little clothes. Just […]

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let’s upgrade our toys to these

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At the end of a long day, sometimes I imagine trading in all of the random toys around our house for a cleaner, simpler set of choices. I know it’s an impossible idea, and I also know that in the long run she’ll remember the toys she has with love, but boy, my designer’s eyes […]

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DIY marble maze turns into a virtual reality app

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Do you remember marble mazes when you were a kid? They were those big wooden boxes with the little rotating knobs that used to fascinate and sometimes frustrate! Seedling has come up with an ingenious new take on the classic wooden marble maze. Like all of Seedling’s craft kits, this Design Your Own Marble Maze set […]

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