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hopalong now, rabbit

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Some of us might be more ready for Spring than others, what do you think? Take this little bunny for instance. This Hopalong Rabbit is the perfect Easter toy, don’t you think? I just love it’s retro charm. Flip those eyes back and forth, roll some beads, sort some shapes, and roll down the hall. […]

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where’s your llama?

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There’s just something so endearing about a llama! They’re equal parts hilarious and adorable – it’s like they’re trying to be all cerebral and yet they look like a goofball! So of course a stuffed llama has loads of potential. Check out these llamas from Friends of Hadley. Perfect little faces, perfect little clothes. Just […]

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playing on the floor again!

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There are definitely a lot of not-so-pretty playmats for our babies, but every once in awhile I stumble across the perfect playmat. I think these playmats from Sweet Creations qualify as almost perfect. They’re modern, super soft, and a good size for playing on. Of course, there is some white to wash up when things […]

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pull your toys with you

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I love pull toys. That’s really all there is to it. I think they’re adorable, I love that they move, and when I find some new pull toys, I just have to share. Meet just a few of the many wooden pull toys from Friendly Toys. These designers have perfected not only the simple wooden […]

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animals in turtlenecks are cuter

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Have you ever seen a unicorn in a dinner jacket before? You haven’t? Well, today you’re in for a real treat! Rosey Rag Doll makes some of the cutest well-clothed stuffed animals you ever did see. Infinty scarves, neckties, glasses, plaid pants: these animals are stylin’. Plus, they’re super cute all over the place, handmade with […]

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pompoms and blankets go beyond cute

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PIck a subtle, sophisticated palette, throw in some pops of super on-trend color, and maybe a tribal print. What do you get? The perfect hipster baby gift. Each handmade cotton/wool blend blanket from Little Louise NYC is the perfect size for strollers, with beautiful wool pom poms giving a little flounce around the edges. The […]

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wooden toys you might never expect

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I can’t believe I’m doing this, but apparently I need to share a nother post about wooden toys at Target. It seems to me wooden toys are finally hitting the mainstream – at least in Target’s eyes. Well, Target and Fisher-Price both believe in the importance of wood toys, apparently! Check out this new collaborationL Fisher-Price […]

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the splurge-worthy baby and toddler gift

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i had planned to include this in last week’s toddler gift guide, but I forgot! That’s ok, because this Zebra Rocker by Newmakers is so cool, it deserves it’s very own spot to shine. The rocker is designed and manufactured in the Devon (UK) countryside, by designer Dan Cox. But those of us here in the […]

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gift guide: top 10 best gifts for baby

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It’s a wonderful time of year! Time to think about those you love the most, and what little token of your affection might please them as much as they please you. This week Small for Big is going to be finding some of my favorite gift ideas for the season – for kids of all […]

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wee designs with big impact

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Wee Gallery started small, or should I say, wee? But these days they’ve expanded beyond their early-age black and white flash cards (So good for babies under 5 months!) and added all kinds of beautiful goodies with the same graphic style. If I knew a baby young enough for Wee Gallery goods, I’d be having a […]

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dolls growing flowers, capes, and fins

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It’s a quick post today – I’m running behind but I certainly didn’t want to leave you in the lurch. Mondays in particular need a good dose of design to keep us going. How about these sweetheart dolls from Mio Mucaro Creatures? Each doll is made with 100% Cotton fabric (custom printed with Eco-friendly, water-based ink) and […]

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if you like jeans, you’ll love these guys

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Denim. It’s everywhere. Yet, it’s really rare to see it done well in toys – unless you’re looking at a Bratz doll, maybe. It seems Evie Barrow has found a way to make denim and stuffed toys look just right. The Sweet Dreams characters are each one of a kind, with faded, well-loved denim and […]

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munching with your munchkins

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Toddlers and food. They may be cute, and say funny things, and squish you tight over and over, but toddlers can be little terrors when it comes to food! I can’t guarantee that the Munch Eco Hero Feeding Set will calm the savage beast that is your toddler saying nononononono. But, at least it’s cute enough […]

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these toys are meant to fray

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My 6 year old’s blankie is turning into one of those childhood relics: frayed edges, holes in the corners, and threadbare spots. She keeps asking me to sew it up, but I can’t, it’s not the kind of holes you can repair. But it’s also a memento of a childhood full of love and comfort, […]

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missa made it – and it’s for you

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Our weather has suddenly flipped to cold and blustery, and I can’t help but want to cuddle up with something and think thoughts of Fall! Missa Made It has my number with cozy, soft, sweetness perfect for every single kid I know. The bold patterns, the soft furry details, and the quirky faces are such […]

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