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by mari

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I know, we have too many social media tools already. At least, if one tries to do them all. I’m a big believer in picking the social media channels that fit you best – especially as a blogger where social media can make or break you. My favorites are the most visual ones: Pinterest and Instagram. That’s easy, because they both focus on images, and that’s kind of my jam.dripthatapp

Now, there’s a new app in town: Dripthat. It’s brand new, and I really love how it works. You create a “drip” or mini-album that can include multiple images, or one image, or a video, or a combination. You can choose to share that drip publicly, or privately – you can even create different groups for different kinds of drips (family, blogging friends, book group, whatever!). And what I find the most interesting: you can drip out the content within that drip over hours, or days.


From what I hear, reviewers love the time-release feature in Dripthat. It lets you share a bunch of photos without flooding people’s feed. It means less fatigue from friends and family when you share 20 photos of your dog – because you can drip those photos out slowly over a week, instead of over 5 minutes! And for sharing pics of the kids: what a no-brainer. Family can subscribe to see sweet reminders of their favorite little loved ones, without having to scroll through the 32 photos from Birdie’s dance recital in one fell swoop. Suddenly I don’t have to edit my photos down to just the one best version, I can share a set of them to really set the mood! Take a look at my Dripthat Smallforbig profile to see a couple of examples.

Next week I want to share another great way to use Dripthat – stay tuned, it’s a goodie for bloggers and creators especially!


A big thanks to the people at Dripthat for supporting this post. As always, all of the opinions are my own.

This information is on behalf of dripthat.

This information is on behalf of dripthat.

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